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Hooking into Specific forums for Access Rights

  • GSmith84


    Hello bbPress experts,

    I have searched through the forums to find some means of restricting user access to content and it looks like some of the solutions revolve around a Membership plugin that exists.

    The issue with that is several things, we’re not using User Roles. We’re trying to integrate with the MemberMouse premium plugin and users created via MemberMouse are not assigned roles in wordpress. This makes it useless to restrict access via User Roles. We’re also developing it on Thesis which seems to have a plethora of issues with bbPress regardless (so we have setup the compatibility plugin).

    However, MemberMouse does have user levels and tags to call them via wordpress functions. We can restrict other types of content with means like

    is_user_logged_in() && mm_isMembershipLevel(2)

    So we were looking for a means to hook into the forums to create conditional statements like this.

    For the time being we are hooking in the meta box and assigning an ID whether its public or restricted. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any solution letting us hook into the meta box and create restricts using traditional methods like described.

    As such, we are injecting javascript to rewrite html elements for users that do not pass restriction, which is occurring after the page loads. We’ve spent a lot of time on this and would be interested to find out from bbPress veterans if there might be a hook or init function we can connect to, in order to make restrictions not role based but member based using the means provided by the MemberMouse plugin.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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