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  • jorisberg


    Hi there,

    I am using bbpres to get a forum possiblity for my online courses. People can create these courses and forums using our site. They can create public, private and hidden forums.

    I only want the option to create hidden forums. I don’t want people to find the forums only when they subscribe for a course they get the link. I have searched everywhere but I cannot find any clue on how to do this.

    So how can I force every course to be hidden? Or delete the possibility to create public/private forums?

    Kind regards.

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  • Robin W


    It depends what you mean by ‘People can create these courses and forums using our site’ – do you mean anyone, or just a select few who run this stuff?

    Hidden forums will only be seen by users with moderator privilege, so that’s not what you’ll want for ordinary users.

    closest you’ll get is my private groups plugin

    Private groups

    Many people use it to have course linked forums but it won’t do what you are asking if you want users to be able to administer the creation of forums. If it’s just a select few admikns who do this, then it might be good for you.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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