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Hide a Topic?

  • citizenkeith


    Is there a plugin that can be used to hide a topic? I’d like moderators and the keymaster to be able to have topics that only they can see (with [Hidden] appended to the name). Easy switching between hiding and public viewing is also needed.

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  • No, but it won’t be hard to write your own. Add a link to each topic (visible only to mods) to /hide.php?id=%topic_id%. In hide.php, check if the user is actually a moderator, if so add an entry to bb_topicmeta indicating this topic is hidden. Then use the right filter to monitor the topics and remove them from the list if it’s marked as hidden and the user isn’t a moderator. Finding the right filter might be hardest; I suspect it’s forum_topics but don’t know. List of filters here.

    [edit] oh yes, also worth adding another element to the new topic creation form, asking if it should be hidden, so that the topic won’t be visible in between creation and being marked as hidden.

    This is useful, but how would one go about hiding an entire forum so that only Mods could see it, post in it, etc.

    Thanks I am a newbie at all this..

    If anyone is interested, I just hacked together a plugin to so this.

    It was crazy as it look aproximately two seconds to do it, using the code base of the Forum Restriction plugin and about one line of change. Allow me to get a backend worked out and if someone likes I’ll post it up.

    Does anyone know how one would go about filtering the RSS feed out as well to prevent users from seeing this?

    List of filters; there’s probably 5 – 10 there involving RSS. One of them will let you check if a topic is hidden and if so remove it. :)

    That would be a cool plugin. Add it when done.

    Is there any even incomplete documentation for bbpress other than that site?

    The only other stuff is on this site:

    Help out with the bbpulp site, though, if you can. :)



    fel64 – Thanks for the rundown. Unfortunately, I know very little about coding, so I’ll leave it up to somebody else. And that somebody may be dyaddydad! :)

    dyaddydad, I’d love to check out the plugin. Can you send it over to me so I can test it? kamera at gmail dot com. Thanks!

    Better yet, post it publicly in case someone else wants it too.




    dyaddydad… care to post that plugin?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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