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Here’s how to install Avatar Upload plugin

  • cralor


    Here is how to correctly install Avatar Upload.

    The “Additional Info” is not too detailed.

    Here is the instructions on how to get the plugin (currently) on your bbPress site:

    1. Download and upload the plugin to your bbPlugins directory.

    2. Activate the plugin in the bbPress Admin section.

    3. Follow the file movement instructions:

    In the “additional-files” folder (inside this Avatar Upload plugin directory) there is several files. These need to be moved elsewhere.

    • Move the entire “avatars/” folder to your bbPress root directory. (Including the “default.png” inside.)
    • Move the “avatar-upload.php” to the bbPress root directory.
    • Move the “avatar.php” (inside the “my-templates” folder) to your template(s) (theme(s)). Example: Move “my-templates/avatar.php” to “forums/bb-templates/kakumei/” (So it is like “forums/bb-templates/kakumei/avatar.php”.)

    I hope this helps someone :D

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  • bobruffolo


    It’s still not working for me :(

    It’s still not working for me :( Maybe somebody can tell why? When I press on Avatar icon then openning the forum homepage? I really need this plugin!!!

    Yeah, I’ve just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure this out… At first I thought I was just reading the instructions wrong. I’ve been trying to read into it and plop code randomly. I’ve gone over the instructions as to which file to put where about 5 times……..

    …I’ll let you know if I figure it out, lol.. if I don’t give up shortly and go back to phpbb. ;)

    can anyone else help me, im as the above, i click on ‘Avatars’ and it takes me back to the homepage???

    Anyone know why? Really need this plugin!!!

    I am taken back to the main forum page as well, when I use this plugin. The template/default image, works etc., but I cannot set an image for the avatar.

    I’m just setting up BBPress, as a first ever bulletin board and am beginning to think that this software is waaaayyy to complex/geeky. No Avatars on a web-forum software???




    use bavatars

    I’m having the problem “click ‘Avatar’ in profile, go back to home page” problem as well.

    I’ve narrowed it down to the bb_auth call in the avatar-upload.php file line 7. The cookies – at least for me, an admin – seem wrong. I’m going to clear my cookies and try it again. I’m also going to test with a different user – not an admin and see how that goes.



    o i think this one might help (regarding to the topic i started earlier: “Changing Avatars”). Will try this one first and get back to my thread to update if this works.



    Has anyone got this plugin to work again?



    I got avatars in my forums. If anyone needs guidance, just ask.



    Ratsoid2 – Consider this me asking. Please let us know what you did to get avatars working. Thanks :-)


    should edit avatar-upload.php

    changing line 7, the following

    do bb_auth (); / / logged in?


    bb_auth ('logged_in'); / / logged in?

    Please let me know, if this work for you, thanks




    Download User Avatar for WP here:

    1. In single-user-edit.php, Before

    <?php bbp_get_template_part( 'bbpress/content', 'single-user-edit' ); ?>


    2. In style.css add:

    .bbp-single-user-edit { position:relative; }

    #user-avatar-display { position:absolute; top:160px; right:20px; text-align:center; width:155px; }

    #user-avatar-display a { color:#000; text-decoration:none; text-align:center; };

    3. In functions.php add:

    That’s it.

    Original solution:

    It works great for me. Cheers.



    Thanks for the information friend…



    @ratsoid2 Hey thanks it worked.

    But when I click Modify your avatar. I get sent to a page. The thickbox doesn’t appear.



    Check the other solutions on the wp forum… something like:

    The solution I posted worked and I don’t know what to tell you… Maybe you can put a pop-up link instead of using thickbox/prettyphoto/any other overlay plugin.

    thanks very much for info.

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