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Here’s how to install Avatar Upload plugin

  • Here is how to correctly install Avatar Upload.

    The “Additional Info” is not too detailed.

    Here is the instructions on how to get the plugin (currently) on your bbPress site:

    1. Download and upload the plugin to your bbPlugins directory.

    2. Activate the plugin in the bbPress Admin section.

    3. Follow the file movement instructions:

    In the “additional-files” folder (inside this Avatar Upload plugin directory) there is several files. These need to be moved elsewhere.

    • Move the entire “avatars/” folder to your bbPress root directory. (Including the “default.png” inside.)
    • Move the “avatar-upload.php” to the bbPress root directory.
    • Move the “avatar.php” (inside the “my-templates” folder) to your template(s) (theme(s)). Example: Move “my-templates/avatar.php” to “forums/bb-templates/kakumei/” (So it is like “forums/bb-templates/kakumei/avatar.php”.)

    I hope this helps someone :D

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Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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