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Here’s how to install Avatar Upload plugin

  • cralor


    Here is how to correctly install Avatar Upload.

    The “Additional Info” is not too detailed.

    Here is the instructions on how to get the plugin (currently) on your bbPress site:

    1. Download and upload the plugin to your bbPlugins directory.

    2. Activate the plugin in the bbPress Admin section.

    3. Follow the file movement instructions:

    In the “additional-files” folder (inside this Avatar Upload plugin directory) there is several files. These need to be moved elsewhere.

    • Move the entire “avatars/” folder to your bbPress root directory. (Including the “default.png” inside.)
    • Move the “avatar-upload.php” to the bbPress root directory.
    • Move the “avatar.php” (inside the “my-templates” folder) to your template(s) (theme(s)). Example: Move “my-templates/avatar.php” to “forums/bb-templates/kakumei/” (So it is like “forums/bb-templates/kakumei/avatar.php”.)

    I hope this helps someone :D

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Viewing 17 replies - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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