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help/advice for multi-site xenforo importing

  • phil_b


    Hi all,

    I hope you guys can offer some advice suggestions here.

    This is the situation:

    – I have a wordpress multi-site setup (4 blogs in total)
    – There are currently 4 xenforo forums I need to import. These need to be imported in to my 4 multi-site blogs. One xenforo forum to each of the 4 blogs.
    – all users from all xenforo forums, imported in to each of the 4 blogs should be able to visit each of those 4 blogs and post in any they choose

    The goal is to ultimately have a single user base within my wordpress multi-site, but with 4 different forums running (one under each blog), where users can access and post data in all of them (as well as submit regular post comments etc)

    The main issue I can see me having is that each xenforo forum will have users who’s IDs start at 1, and go up to about 15,000 (lots of users!!). If I import one forum in to the first multisite blog, then what happens when I import the next forum in the second multisite blog? Will users get overwritten? Will forum topics/replies get attributed to the wrong user?

    Note: I am also running buddypress.

    A solution I have considered is to import all users from xenforo forum 1. Then loop through all users in xenforo forum 2 to update their ID’s to +15,000 (i.e user with ID 1 becomes user with ID 15001 etc). Then import that forum in to bbpress. Then do the same with xenforo forums 3 and 4 (+30000, +45000).

    That is a hefty task though.

    Any advice/help would be really appreciated!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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