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Help with Filters / Actions

  • Hello whoever you are…

    I already begin playing around with alpha version of bbPress for some time now… and trying to put together some plug-in’s to make it work properly…

    There seems to be quit few Plug-in’s working with the Alpha version already… Now: i was looking for a Moderation Plug-in… There is only Quit few available and the one called BB MODERATION HOLD seems to be working fine, excerpt that It doesn’t Display the Post back to User or any other message to confirm the Post has been Taken into account and awaits moderation… So I was trying to append and make it display message on POST and Also, Show the Post BACK to user (and admins / Moderators) in LISTING with others with simple mark of awaits moderation.

    There is not a Clear documentation available like wordpress for available Filters and Action…

    For now, I want a Filter to Append the Query when it’s Querying For the Topics in Forum, Latest Topics, Sticky Topics and each so I may Append the Where cause to List the Awaiting moderation Post to Owner (User) and Moderators / Admins.

    It would be great if anyone may give me a List of WORKING filters available to use i Current TRUNK version (Alpha 6)…

    original Plug-in:



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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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