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Help With aMember Integration

  • tvirtual


    I am trying to add a forum to my site and have it protected by aMember. The user must have access to a certain product in aMember in order to access the forum. I’m totally confused as to whether I should be creating a bbPress login page or if the user should login through aMember. Nothing seems to be working.

    Can someone help map out how this should look with the two integrated? I don’t want the user to have to login twice and I don’t believe they should since aMember and WordPress share a database (I think). Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Or if you know someone that would do this for a fee that would be great too. 🙂

    Thank you,

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  • Robkk


    If the amember software unifies with the wordpress accounts it should work fine with bbPress. You do not need to use the bbPress authentication forms if it does this as bbPress just uses WordPress for authenticating users.



    Yes, it should work with the same logins. Where I am confused is how to handle the login process. I’m thinking they should login using aMember (not bbPress) because they need to have access to a certain product in order to view the forums, but that redirects them to their aMember membership account. I would need them to be redirected to the forum if they are logging into the forum….so I’m thinking I would need a separate login page. Hoping someone else has used the same integration and had the process down…



    Yeah I think you could just use amembers login if it works fine with WordPress. You may need to check if the user registering into amembers registration forms acquire their bbPress forum role to even participate in the forums correctly.

    They are technically logging into your site not just the forums, everything is unified when using bbPress with WordPress. Unless you want everyone to redirect to your forums, or if you want a referer redirect like if a user registers from a bbPress forum page and they should be redirected back where they were previously before registering.

    From posts I see on the amember forum they should integrate nicely. The amember plugin also has some kind of plugin integration with bbPress. If you need any extra help from users setting up with amember with bbPress and WordPress, you may need to contact their support forums as there are more topics about the integration between the software on their site.



    I have contacted aMember to see if I can get some further help as far as protecting the forum based on the user’s access in aMember. aMember is not protecting the forum as I expected. The forum is just not displaying at all for my test users. Hopefully aMember can help further. Thanks for your reply.



    I am still having issues with the amember and bbpress integration. Now if the user logins in via aMember, they can see the forums, but they can’t post. They get an error that they need to be logged in (even though they logged in via aMember…assuming bbPress isn’t recognizing them for some reason). They are given the ‘Participant’ role, so I’m not sure why that’s happening.

    So I tried having the user log in through the bbPress form, but then they can’t see the forums at all unless they then login to aMember as well (maybe because the forums are protected by aMember).

    I’m thoroughly confused and hoping someone can take a look. Thanks.



    tvirtual – did you ever get this resolved? Sounds like you need to be using the aMember login form, not bbPress login form.

    I have integrated the two scripts nicely and would be glad to help (if you still need it). aMember support through tickets is also top notch.



    Hi Andrew,

    I just came across this topic and it’s something I’d like to be able to do too.

    1. The register page would have an aMember membership option. The user would have to purchase the membership in order for an account to be created. I figure this will help eliminate spam signups completely.

    2. When they log in with their account they’d be taken to the forums (or a page where I could have a big obvious link to the forum)

    Does this sound like it should be easily achievable?




    I’m wondering if anyone at bbPress is paying any attention to this. We’re having the same problem at a non-profit I’m trying to help set up bbPress. If I’m logged in as an Admin, I can post, but if I’m logged in as a user (participant role in bbPress and subscriber in aMember) I can see the forums but not post. Exactly the same as the OP.

    Has anyone found a solution for this?

    Thanks if you can help.

    This is an aMember issue around supporting bbPress’ roles

    A quick search of their forum shows many bbPress users asking the same question, but never getting a reply

    The current suggestions seem to be if you have a license is to create a support ticket for help from aMember.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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