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Help! “newbie” bbpress problems

  • kidbooo


    Hello everyone,,
    I admit I am a “newbie” and am having a bundle of problems. I am in the process of building a website which is still offline, and am very stuck. I am using ocean wp and I don’t know how to find out the version, but everything is new in the last 2 weeks.. sorry I really am a newbie…
    I am making “” and wanted to make a small forum page alongside of information pages, I had to do a whole pile of deleting and rebuilding on the forum site, but now I have the basic structure!! So that is a plus, but am stuck on the login–register-lost password widget. The first time I made it, it put the menu all over the place and the login was on every page. Iwas using bbpress tweaks, so uninstalled the bbpress tweaks, and ended up re-installing. I watched a whole pile of youtube on how to do it, and went back at it. I did all the “making the page” and putting the permalinks in the widget slot in the bbpress side bar. This time I had logins on every page BUT THE FORUM PAGE!!! This is the 3rd time I have deleted everything and started over.. I am about to forget the whole thing or use a different forum widget. I am STUCK. Any ideas??
    The other thing is the text is sooo thin and tiny on the forum page it is hard to see. I have heard something about css, but have no clue about what that is or how to use it..
    Would really appreciate any ideas..

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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