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Help importing from phpbb3 forum not working

  • richard.wil


    Hi All,

    Hoping someone out there can help me. I am converting my old website into wordpress and am trying to import my forum into bbpress but have run into a problem. I can’t seem to get the import to start.

    I fill in the database details on the import page using the details from my config.php file and then click start, the page displays the “Starting Conversion” status and the loading circle is spinning but that is as far as it gets.

    I had read all the pages and guides and forum posts I can find for a week but cannot figure out where I am going wrong.

    The forum I am importing is a very small forum compared to other websites and I have tried leaving the page on this status for 4 hours without any change.

    Is there somewhere I can find an error log that would tell me what is going on or would anywhere have any ideas would could be the cause of this

    Im running phpbb 3.0.14

    Thanks in advance


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  • Robkk


    Well I just saw your other topic not to long ago. What is the current version you are having trouble with 3.1 or 3??



    I am also having issues. I have 3.1.5 of phpbb installed. I just get the following.

    Repair any missing information: Continue
    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘forums.forum_topics’ in ‘field list’]
    SELECT convert(forums.forum_id USING “utf8mb4”) AS forum_id,convert(forums.parent_id USING “utf8mb4”) AS parent_id,convert(forums.forum_topics USING “utf8mb4”) AS forum_topics,convert(forums.forum_posts USING “utf8mb4”) AS forum_posts,convert(forums.forum_topics_real USING “utf8mb4”) AS forum_topics_real,convert(forums.forum_name USING “utf8mb4”) AS forum_name,convert(forums.forum_desc USING “utf8mb4”) AS forum_desc,convert(forums.left_id USING “utf8mb4”) AS left_id,convert(forums.forum_type USING “utf8mb4”) AS forum_type,convert(forums.forum_status USING “utf8mb4”) AS forum_status FROM phpbb_forums AS forums LIMIT 0, 100

    No forums to convert

    No data to clean

    Starting Conversion



    I don’t think the current version of bbpress supports importing from phpbb 3.1

    Thats more information that I am getting, where are you seeing that output?
    Mine just sits on ‘starting conversion’ and never progress any further than that no matter how long I leave it.



    Users have been posting similar data in topics from trying to import from phpBB 3.1. You guys may need to wait til 2.6 to import successfully. I do not know how well downgrading phpBB will do exactly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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