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Help end this Mail Del System nightmare. Please!

  • gene-stevo


    WP= 4.3.1 bbPress= 2.5.8 Postman SMTP= 1.6.24

    I’m learning WP by building a dummy site as a prelude to rebuilding camera club site. Work in progress at:
    An important feature will be forums. I installed bbPress and all was good until I sent out test messages to selected subscribers. Despite the recipients getting the notifications correctly I was never the less presented with MDS errors: Mail Delivery System <>Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
    Thinking I had server issues I moaned at my host who said “It’s not us…” As SMTP is said to be more reliable I added plugin Easy WP SMTP to the mix. It made no difference. I then tried Postman SMTP and created a new email address so that forums related to this and WP just dealt with original mail.
    Strangely it’s this original mail that sent messages are referring to. Attached is a shot of the header a recipient sees. The Mochdre boot address is the address Postman is given and the snaps address is the default WP email address.
    typical message head
    Hooray! It worked a treat, everybody gets the messages and I get no errors. Untill tonight when my inbox was filled with the old error messages.
    Tried deactivating all plugins etc to no avail. How do I stop WP using its own snaps address when I’ve told SMTP plugin to use mochdreboot address? Or, if I create a mail account of noreply@snaps etc, what the heck happens to all the mail the server gets dumped with (assuming it would help)?
    This is doing my head in. Please advise.

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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