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Headers already sent when logging in

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  • wilcosky


    I didn’t resolve this so I’m going to leave it as not resolved, but, I did make some changes so I no longer need this fixed. I took out the Add New next to topic and replaced it with “You must log in to post”. Which only shows up if the person is not logged in… it works great this way.

    wilcosky – I take it you’re seeing this with a modified theme. You may have put the wrong php in whatever template you modded. What did you take out and from what file?



    Headers already sent is a useless error in itself, it’s always the result of another error (unless the very rare case someone meant to send a custom header of some kind).

    In this case at least you posted the real error:

    Warning: parse_url(http://#postform) [function.parse-url]

    Any chance you are testing this on a localhost or something like that?

    Kind of a strange error that it’s getting a bad url like like, there’s no domain name at all.

    I had such error when wrong plugins were enabled. Try to move all plugins from plugins dir, go to forum, then move them back, return to the forum and try to activate em one by one (of course u’ll have to check forum every time u activate new one)…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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