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Give bbPress full editor by default?

  • Mycelus


    Hey guys. So Ive been wondering this for a long time, and I just dont understand. Why is bbPress’ editor so bad? Everything uses lame tags and is very primitive. WordPress already has color and bold and italic and linking and everything integrated, so why doesn’t bbPress add this?

    No one can actually tell me that bbPress is meant to be this way? Is there something stopping the devs from just importing the full editor over…?

    Very curious…

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  • You can enable the full TinyMCE editor in bbPress, details are here.



    May I ask why the issue that’s causing it is still persistent if it’s been known for so long?

    I would imagine it’s a small bug?

    It is not a bug, we removed the default behaviour to have both editors enabled by default in 2.3.1, switching between editor types would more often than not change the content of the users topics or replies.

    Now that TinyMCE v4 has shipped with WordPress v3.9.x once we have a few more architectural fixes in bbPress we can take another look, it is far from a small bug, quite complex to be honest.



    Mm I see :(

    So once I change this, every user on the site will see the TinyMCE editor correct?




    How’s it going Stephen?

    The “bbPress Enable TinyMCE Visual Tab” plugin was malfunctioning so I disabled it and followed the link you posted above and the solution worked in that it enabled the WYSIWYG editor in the forums but I had other issues that I was hoping it would have solved but it didn’t. Rich text copied and pasted in Internet Explorer get’s converted to and posted as raw HTML. Is I’ve tried switching themes to see if it’s a theme issue but it’s not.

    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix available for this?

    Please advise me…your help is appreciated.




    I’m having the same exact issue Troy. It’s not limited to internet explorer though. I’ve gotten reports of this happening with several browsers (including iOS Safari – text copied from mail) but it does seem to happen more frequently when copying from a Microsoft editor (Word, Outlook, etc).

    This is a huge problem and requires hours of moderation and manual cleanup. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.

    Stephen Edgar


    Hmmmm, this is not going to be quick nor easy to solve at this stage. There are quite few updates for pasting from Word and Excel slated for WordPress 3.9.2 but I haven’t tested any of them for bbPress, I’ll take a look in the next few days.

    John James Jacoby


    Pasting HTML and metadata is a WordPress/TinyMCE issue, and not really a bbPress bug to solve. There are WordPress plugins to disable HTML pasting, and we do support them, and we could go as far as including this in core as a helper for people that do turn TinyMCE on.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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