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Getting the entire bbPress installation into the same directory

  • Holly


    About a week ago, I asked how to change the directory of the forum I’m setting up in dev. At the time, I had a bare install, and the response I received seemed to meet my needs.

    However, this simply moved the index page. At this point, my database guy has started importing the data from my existing phpBB3 forum, and what seemed to be an elegant fix has left me with the same problem I had before. The index page looks great, but when you click through to ANY category or forum, the board immediately takes you from:


    Which is the setup I need, to…


    Which is going to dump my signed-in students outside of the classroom when they use the breadcrumbs.

    Basically, I need to find a way to have my forum and topic posts and their hierarchy recognize the Classroom page as their parent. Or something that will give me the same result when my users try to navigate the breadcrumbs back to their classes.

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  • niuserre


    Could you just tell bbPress to call it Classrooms instead of Forums maybe? I mean, change the Forum Root Slug under Settings > Forums. (I have not tried this!)



    Just tried it and that doesn’t work, it updates the slug but bbPress doesn’t seem to pull its title from anywhere editable within the admin area.

    However, if just changing the word Forums to Classrooms would solve your problem then it can be done via a function. This should work but please note I’m not a developer and I haven’t bug tested this or anything.

    I added this to my WordPress theme’s functions.php (before the end ?>) and it worked. Hope it will for you too!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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