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Getting errors on my WP Posts

  • WordPress: 2.7.1

    BB Press: 1.0-alpha-6

    wordpress: permalinks enabled name based

    bbpress: permalinks enabled name based

    WP plugins:-

    Akismet 2.2.3

    Google Analytics for WordPress 2.7


    BBP plugins:


    PROBLEM: -

    as the keymaster logins through forum, he can login to wp-admin.. but the problem is, that he can’t see the posts on the actual WP site. Instead of seeing the posts, the keymaster (guy logins through BBpress) sees this:-

    Error 404 – Not Found

    The page you were looking for has either been deleted or moved.

    Do you want to search for it?

    The installation had no errors at all, and seemed fine. And my friend who logins in from New Zealand can see the post, but im not sure if hes logged into the forum yet. So I dont know whether its a cache thing even though iv cleared my cache several times. It only happens when i login through bbPress.

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  • is no one helpign becuase im using alpha?

    No, it’s probably becuase it’s Sunday.

    bbPress isn’t a WordPress plugin, so unless you have conflicting htaccess files, I can’t see why that would happen.

    What folder is bbPress loaded in and what folder is WP loaded in?


    |—- BBpress

    aka :-





    /bbpress inside here


    /rest of wp’s files..

    wordpress is on the root and bbpress isin a folder called /community

    im resintalling it all now, all same versions.

    nope Version 1.0-alpha-6 is just not intergrating cookies properly, i have tried the install over 7 times now.

    OMMMGGG I GOT IT DONE… touch wood…

    IV TRIED THIS BEFORE, LIKE TWO YEARS AGO, I WENT THROUGH HELL…. AND TWO YEARS LATER, I STILL WENT THROUGH HELL AND BACK HERE…. astafralah hell is worse obviously.. but thank you so much sam bauers for your work. and ck and all the others

    I’m seeing this same problem in WordPress all by itself. Don’t think this is a BBpress problem but a WordPress problem. Don’t see anyone that seems to have a handle on it yet. :(

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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