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  • Anyone know why when I use get_row it prints this

    Object id #6

    It fills my variable correctly, it just prints this and I don’t want it to :)

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  • so1o


    get_row gives out object of the row.. to obtain the variables you need to use -> pointer to the variable..

    if you want to print what is the content of the variable., use print_r($var);

    I know that s010. Like I said, my var acts like I want it to. But it just prints out that Object thing for no apparent reason. I took out all echos and print statements, and just sitting there at the top of my screen is the thing I mentioned. I can’t figure out why it’s printing that to my screen.

    Hmm, when I logout and go to the same like with the afore mentioned output, it says this:

    Object id #22

    It seems to be doing this similarly to everyone else. Logged in it gives #6, logged out it gives #22. I never tell it to do anything, it must be get_row that’s doing it.


    n/m, I r t3h stoopid

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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