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GD bbPress Attachments File Size Issue

  • Julia_B


    I’m using the GD bbPress Attachments plugin to allow members to post images in the forum on my buddypress site. I have all the forum attachment settings at 5000kb with override defaults checked. I also have 5000kb set as the maximum file size in the GD bbPress Attachments Settings.

    Yet my members are seem unable to post images above about 2mb (and below 5000kb) without getting ‘Upload Errors, File not uploaded’. It says ‘Maximum file size allowed is 5000 KB.’ below the reply box.

    I’ve tried disabling other plugins to see if there’s a conflict, but no luck. Any ideas?

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  • Robkk


    maybe your wordpress upload size is 2mb , or a cdn/security solution is limiting the upload size of your site from other users ??

    dont know contact plugin author.

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