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    The Gas Zappers forum documents the entire creation process from brainstorming to finishing of the GAS ZAPPERS- an online game about Climate Change/ Global Warming. You can check out the site at

    We want to make this game totally open-source- not only technically but also creatively. We need your input to make this game totally kick ass. This is a communal project and thats the sole purpose why this forum exists. So please go nuts with your creativity! You can basically post any ideas here! Open dialogues close misconceptions :-)

    GAS ZAPPERS is NOT-FOR-PROFIT. We want to make a game that will help people understand the big freaking fuss of Global Warming, and in the same time, create a game that is action-packed, challenging and fun to play with.

    Alrighty, Thnx for checkin. Peace Yo!

    Kenneth Hung

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