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Functions.php came with unexpected t string

  • I haven’t edited anything, before even installing I get the unexpected t string error and this

    bb-includes/functions.php on line 2256

    It’s a blank line, here’s what’s above it:

    function bb_nonce_ays( $action ) {

    $title = __( ‘bbPress Failure Notice’ );

    $html .= “t<div id=’message’ class=’updated fade’>nt<p>” . wp_specialchars( bb_explain_nonce( $action ) ) . “</p>nt<p>”;

    if ( wp_get_referer() )

    $html .= “” . __( ‘Please try again.’ ) . ““;

    $html .= “</p>nt</div>n”;

    $html .= “</body>n</html>”;

    bb_die( $html, $title );


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  • A functions.php should be like this:


    function bb_nonce_ays( $action ) {
    $title = __( 'bbPress Failure Notice' );
    $html .= "t<div id='message' class='updated fade'>nt<p>" . wp_specialchars( bb_explain_nonce( $action ) ) . "</p>nt<p>";
    if ( wp_get_referer() )
    $html .= "" . __( 'Please try again.' ) . "";
    $html .= "</p>nt</div>n";
    $html .= "</body>n</html>";
    bb_die( $html, $title );


    I get the same error with that code, too. Is it supposed to be that short? I’m a tad confused, sorry.

    If you thought I said the whole file was blank, I did not mean that. The line is, and it’s after that code.

    What’s different between the two codes?

    Thanks for trying to help! Hope we can fix this. :-)



    What are you doing when you get that error? Are you integrated with WordPress? What version of bbPress did you install? Are you using a language other than the default?

    Can you compare the version of bb-admin/functions.php to the default one for whatever version you’re using (to make sure the whole thing was uploaded properly)?

    Do your secret keys have any weird characters in them (things that work properly in WordPress have created problems in bbPress before. Things like ‘ / > <.)

    Can you post what you were trying to do and the whole error message?

    I only visited the forum URL which leads to install page. I couldn’t get further.

    I just downloaded the latest version. Didn’t set any language or upload language folders (I read that was optional.)

    I’m not sure how to compare on my server versus the one on my computer, which is default. Well I think I might know how, but I’m really tired right now, I’ll attempt that soon.

    I don’t have secret keys. Did I miss that in the install instructions?

    The whole error message is:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/.ufo/elladesigner/ on line 2256

    Thanks, I’ll look into it more when I’m able.



    Can you make sure that the uploaded version is identical to the one here:

    Just pick your version.

    If you haven’t gotten through the installation, and you didn’t do anything else yet, maybe you just have a bad copy. Why not check at least this file, or just download the package again and reupload it? That error does not exist in the files that are normally distributed.

    I DID re-download/upload the file from the download link here, but I can see where that may have not helped. Thanks. On to try.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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