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Function passes a null parameter

  • slimshadys


    Hello all.
    I’ve been editing the bbPress 2.6.5 plugin a bit, in order to fit my use.

    As of now, I just wanna track down the topic_id and the author_id.
    That’s pretty simple, given the set of functions available for the community.

    So I managed to write this little code here:

    	global $author_id;
    	global $id_of_topic;
    	$id_of_topic = bbp_get_topic_id();
        	$author_id = bbp_get_topic_author_id($id_of_topic);

    The ID of the Topic is successfully retrieved, let’s say it’s “18446744073709551615”,
    but once I pass that variable to bbp_get_topic_author_id(), the output of $author_id is 0.

    Now that’s pretty weird considering that if I pass the number 18446744073709551615 directly into that function, everything goes fine, I retrieve the author_id successfully.

    One thing I noticed tho, is that printing out $id_of_topic, once with %d and once with %u (just after I call bbp_get_topic_id() ), I get two different values.

    – %d = 0
    – %u = 18446744073709551615

    Pretty weird.. How can I somehow pass the %u to bbp_get_topic_author_id()?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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