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Front End Forum Creation

  • nemoclown



    I am trying to setup my forums so that moderators can create forums on the front end of the website without having to login to wordpress with admid aka Least Privilege Rule.

    However Ive exhausted many different potential solutions with no fix including:
    -Modifying the Roles and verifying the ability to Publish Forums
    -Granting Users the Moderator Privilege as well as making test Users for trialing

    I cant imagine im the only one with this issue however I cannot find similar topics previously posted on here or google with the answers im looking for.

    My URL is

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  • nemoclown


    Ok Update: I did the Short code for creating forums… I added a Page, then input the shortcode into it, And plugged that page into a menu as a sub option as you can unfortunately view at my website . I limited the function of the shortcode to be used only by moderators and keymasters, But how do I hide the visibility of the menu’d sub page to anyone who doesn’t have the permission to use it?



    You can also try this, it adds a forum form to users who can moderate bbPress profile.

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