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Forums running very slow

  • travaggie


    We are trying to figure out why the BBPress forums are running so slow on our website, every other page runs very fast on a dedicated server with load times usually no longer than 2-3 seconds max, but on the forum pages we’re seeing an additional 3-6 seconds to load. I installed P3 Plugin Profiler and BBpress is taking up 73% of my runtime by plugin and BBpress String Swap another 8%, for an additional 3 seconds just to run according to this. Can you check out our website and let us know what the issue could be? We’re not using any of the plugins or sidebars on these pages so not sure what the hangup could be.

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  • Lynq


    It’s loading in less than 2.5 seconds for me? Seems good 🙂

    John James Jacoby


    Hard to say. Look for slow queries, probably of the multiple post-meta-join variety. If you have private or hidden forums, particularly in a hierarchical setup, that can slow things down too.

    That said, uncached pages don’t seem incredibly slow to me. Once the cache is primed for those pages, obviously they speed up tremendously.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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