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Forums page breaks after bbpress plugin update

  • kruglikov


    I have old version 2.2.4 of bbpress installed on our site.
    I have to use old version because already for a long time have problem that
    if I update the plug-in forums page breaks!
    From forums/ page disappears forums list but all subpages like forums and topics are working and I can access them in browser.

    Forums page is created with Method 1 here

    I spent a whole day trying to find out what’s wrong with newer version but could not find the reason why Forums page disappeared.

    Please help!

    P.S. I found that forums/ page is registered when forum post type registration happened, but I could not find out where exactly in bbpress code forums page template is plased. Could anyoone at least help me with that?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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