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Private Sub Forums disappears if category description is entered

  • royho


    I am seeing this strange behavior where if category description is entered, all sub-forums under that parent category will disappear and even clicking into the category does not reveal them.

    Steps to produce:

    1. Create category TEST
    2. Create forum FORUM and select TEST as category
    3. Edit TEST category and enter some description/update

    And to add to that, even if I go back to delete the description, it doesn’t work.

    Anyone seeing this?

    EDIT: Updated title to include ‘private’ context (@Netweb)

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  • Stephen Edgar


    I cannot reproduce this, what versions of bbPress & WordPress are you using?

    What are the permalinks?
    – ‘TEST’ /forum/test/
    – ‘FORUM’ /forum/test/forum/



    I am using bbPress 2.2.2 on WordPress 3.4.2. My permalinks are set to /%category%/%postname%/ and bbPress base is default. Another words, I didn’t change any permalink structure in bbPress.

    And I am see the issue on



    Here is a screencast showing the issue ->



    I researched this some more and found the problem to be with the category/forum setup. If the forum is not under any parent category, it works fine. Once it is under any category parent, it will break.

    Take note that I realize it is not just the category description causing issue but any reply to the sub-forum under the parent category will also break it.

    OK… I see this now… None of your previous posts had mentioned that this was happening when the setting for the category/forum was ‘Private’.

    I’ll create a ticketbug report on trac later after some more research on the issue.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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