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forums disappear when grouped in category

  • Monica



    I posted this under an existing thread but there was no response, so I assume it wasn’t seen.

    I set up two private forums with my WP blog, following the Getting Started steps. Everything looked great (mostly). Then I created a category (also private) and made it a Parent to the forums. I ordered the forums #1 and #2.

    As soon as I did that, the forums ceased to be visible as a list on one page, though they briefly had been. I have to click on them directly (from the edit page) to see them. My members need a direct link to access them.

    I changed it back to how it had been, so they could access the main forum through the navigation bar (I created a menu button). But this morning, when I went to check this in Theme 2012, I saw that they again had the category as Parent and were ordered. Like I hadn’t changed them. I don’t know what that’s about.

    Btw, I’ve set this as private b/c I didn’t see a way to have people log in, so this would only be available to members. Don’t know if this is part of the issue.

    I have the latest versions of WP (3.5) and bbPress (2.2.3). Find my site here.

    It’s been rather difficult to work things out, even following the steps you provide, especially regarding this parent issue. Then today I made a reply to a thread and it refuses to show up, though it’s in the list of Replies on my dashboard. I know that’s a separate issue, so I can make a separate post for it.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • Thanks for letting us know and confirmed as a bug, we were partially there with trac ticket #2085

    You can use the following workaround for now until we get the bug patched.

    • Create a new forum with forum attributes ‘category’ and ‘private’
    • Create two new forums using the above forum as the ‘parent’ and visibility ‘private’

    Now as long as you don’t move or edit the forum or category descriptions things should work as expected, if you do move the forums or edit the descriptions you will encounter the same issue.



    Hmm, I’m not sure I understand. You’re saying the bug comes in when I move the forum. So creating a new forum to replace the old ones should solve the problem?

    And what happens to my existing topics? Do I move them to the new Forum, or will that trip the bug also? Do I just lose those then?

    Ahmmmm… That was the theory…

    I just tested this and if I create new parent categories and forums and move the topics to them that also trips this bug….

    I will get back to you shortly 😉



    Thanks for keeping me updated.



    Hi Stephen,

    Just wondering if there’s any update on this bug. I haven’t created the new Forums since moving my existing topics will trip the bug again. Is there no other work around for this?



    Sorry nothing new to report on a fix yet…

    Btw, I’ve set this as private b/c I didn’t see a way to have people log in, so this would only be available to members. Don’t know if this is part of the issue.

    With that above from your first post in mind, is it important your forums stay private or having them publicly accessible would not be an issue? If public is not a problem, try this:

    If you leave the ‘category’ set as ‘private’ but change the two forums you have under this category from ‘private’ to ‘public’, I just tested this and it appears to be working.
    (You can also change the parent category to public also and it won’t trigger the bug)

    Back to the quote above you can use the `[bbp-login]` shortcode ona page or the login widget in your sidebar.



    Thank you, Stephen! That helped tremendously – as in, it worked! I thought about it, and having the forum private isn’t as important as I first thought, since no one but my little group will want to go there. And now the links to it are working and everything is visible. Thanks so much!

    Stephen Edgar


    Excellent, glad it worked 🙂

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