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Forums are Unavailable/ Greyed out

  • JohnWelch


    Hey All,

    I’ve recently installed bbpress on a fresh Qordpress site. I’ve created forums and categories fine. My issue is now when i make a new topic, either via wp-admin or the website, i am unable to post in some of the forums/categories even as an admin.

    If i make a topic through the wp-admin menu the categories are greyed out and through the site i dont have the option to post at all. All the categories and forums are set to public and open and have all been ordered.

    The site is . One of the forums that currently are unavailable is the Work in Progress forum.

    I’ve noticed if i delete the category and re-add it i can use it again. But some will re-lock.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have looked around the forums already so if I have missed a thread already please link me to it.

    Many Thanks, John

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