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/forums already exists

  • jwedding


    I have an existing Vanilla Forums instance sitting in /forum. I plan to migrate that site over to the bbPress setup that I am putting in now, but when I installed using the Add Plugin, it didn’t give me a path option and wound up in /forum/forums/forum or some such.

    Is there a way to use /forums during the initial install to start simplifying, or am I a bit stuck with this piece in place and Vanilla still installed on my server?

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  • Some give or take on one side would be needed, most probably deactivate Vanilla, activate bbPress and then go to “Settings -> Forums” and change bbPress slugs to resolve any conflicts, once done you should be fine to reactivate Vanilla.

    Once you’ve imported your Vanilla forums, deactivate Vanilla, activate bbPress and change the slugs back and fingers crossed your existing URLs will point to the new bbPress forums.



    Thanks Stephen!

    If I’m going to migrate the Vanilla over, do I actually NEED the VB install in place, or do I just need the database to be where I can get to it?

    No, you don’t need Vanilla installed, you just need a copy of the database on the same server database server you are using for your WordPress install, once your happy with the import you can remove the old database (keeping a backup of course).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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