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  • contramare


    I’m creating a site: I’ve installed and activated bbpress.2.5.1, buddy press 1.8.1, I have a weaverII theme with WP 2010 sub-theme (maybe that’s a problem) and a meteor slider plugin on the header. Everything was working fine until I installed bbpress (buddypress seems fine). Two problems: 1) can’t create a forum, no option for it except in the forums page, but it requires a parent forum… which I can’t create, so I’m stuck; 2) meteor slides not working on forums page, but working fine on buddypress pages. I think maybe I can do it with the buddypress only but from what I read here it seems like you have to install bbpress if you want to have any buddypress forums. Is that true? Can you help? If there is coding, can’t do it, unless there’s some step by step guide.

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