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Forum-wide RSS Feed not working

  • For some reason the other RSS feeds throughout the forum seem to work except the forum-wide one.

    (I Urltea-ed the link for safety).

    It just shows a blank nothingness page. I’m using Firefox and I do need to get a forum-wide feed so I can check in on new topics etc…

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  • Doug Smith


    I have the same problem on a bbPress install I just set up. The top level feed just returns the text “No input file specified.”

    Lower level feeds work as long as the topics have content. If they have no posts, it returns a blank page, which generates an error in some readers. This won’t be a problem as more posts are filled in, but it would be nice to return an empty feed now to avoid the errors.

    Was there any error entries in your web server’s log when someone accessed /forum/rss/?

    Doug Smith


    I’m not seeing any errors in my logs.

    Okay. I finally got it. I think this is a bug of bbPress.

    line 29-55 in rss.php ensures there is a post found at least, if not then die().

    Normally, we see no entries in a feed if there is no posts matched. But bbPress choose to die. You can replace each line of die(); with a dummy statement like

    1; // die();

    However, this is no enough. The third statement from bottom:

    bb_send_304( $posts[0]->post_time );

    Replace it with

    if ($posts)
    bb_send_304( $posts[0]->post_time );

    Since bbPress can’t find any posts, therefore it has no way to decide that should it send a 304.

    Can anyone confirm this is a bug about choosing to die?

    Hi livibetter, I’ll try out your bug fix later. Hopefully, it’ll work. I think it definitely is a bug about it choosing to “die”.

    Had the same error myself. After some debugging I found out that $tag is assigned a value where it shouldn’t.

    These lines solved it (inserted as lines 28-29):

    if (strlen($tag) == 0)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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