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Forum Subscriber Notification

  • madflute


    Hi, I am new to WP so appreciate your patience.

    I need to have BBP subscribers notified of new forum/topic and/or replies but not sure how to make it work. I’d had thought the fact each Forum has “Subscribe” option made me think it would notify by email out of the box.

    SMTP is working. In fact, bbPress Notify (No-Spam) works, but it sends out to hardcoded recipients, not subscribers who chose to subscribe specific Forum.

    Added issue here is I have 2 private groups. So the notification really has to be subscribers choice per Forum.

    BBP 2.5.8
    So far I have
    AsynCRONous bbPress Subscriptions 2.1
    bbP Manage Subscriptions 1.2.0
    bbP private groups 3.1.9
    bbP Toolkit 1.0.6
    bbPress Notify (No-Spam) 1.10
    Better Notifications for WordPress
    topic subscribe 1.0

    I understand the bbPress Notify has paid plugins to respect the private group and user opt-out, but this is a non-profit organization and everything is coming out of my pocket.

    Hope someone could point me to a right direction. Here is the URL
    but you won’t see all the forums in the private groups.

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S., yes it is reproducible with TwentySixteen.


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  • The basics: Every user has to click on ‘Subscribe’ on top of the forum to get an email in case of new topics in the forum. Every user has to tick at the bottom when giving a reply to get other replies and follow the topic. You never receive emails for your own stuff.
    With the bbP toolkit you can tick automatically.
    With the bbP Manage Subscriptions, you can see what users are subscribed.
    The Asyncronous subscriptions should help you for some issues that are known.

    Not sure it in a similar setup it was not bbPress Notify that was conflicting with async bbPress subscriptions, but I would first ask you to use an SMTP plugin so you can see the logs (I use SMTP Postman, but there are others). Check the logs to see if something goes out and if the from and to are correct.

    Then also check SPAM of course in arrival in your mailbox.

    Hope you find something,



    Thank you for your responses. Yes, I do have SMTP plugin in place and Email Log shows the traffic.

    I do know one of our admins clicked Subscription links, which I can confirm in the bbP Manage Subscriptions 1.2.0 interface yet she is not getting any notification when I create a new topic or replying to any topic. This I can confirm with Email Log.

    On the other hand, bbPress Notify (No-Spam) 1.10 does what it says it do, that I can confirm with Email Log. Any idea?

    P.S., disabling bbPress Notify (No-Spam) 1.10 didn’t give me any improvement, by the way 🙁

    So you see the traffic in the log (meaning the email is really sent) but your email is not reaching the final mailbox ?



    Oh no, no. What I meant was that I can confirm from the log that no mail action was triggered for the subscribers who clicked Subscribe. All other mail actions, namely bbPress Notify (No-Spam) 1.10 and Better Notification for WP are working fine.

    Okay, next step (based on previous issues), in between every step, try the email sending:
    – Disable the asynchronous plugin
    – Switch to a default theme like Twenty Fourteen
    – Make sure you have NO custom code that you added in your template or function.php that could block




    In my 3 days of agony, while I tried everything I could think of, if I disable asynchronous plugin it will be stuck at (at least it does trigger the mail action according to the log) but this is a known issue, I believe?

    Yes, I have tried commenting out custom functions, changing themes to default ones, etc.

    I have a question. If I instantiate a plain vanilla WP and BBP on a sandbox somewhere on my server with no other plugins, would a subscriber can receive a notification of new Topic and new Reply if s/he clicked on subscribe link? Is it worth spending time doing adding plugins one by one till it breaks? If the answer is yes, any help on adding order would be appreciated.

    I’d think asynchronous plugin is a must, or will stop me go further. Do I understand this correctly?

    Thank you for your time.

    If you disable it and your email address changes, then there might be something wrong in your settings of the SMTP plugin ! The async plugin should not change the FROM.

    So check your SMTP plugin settings, problem might be on that one. (which plugin are you using ? )

    Can you confirm



    Hi, its WP-Mail-SMTP.

    My understanding was that bbPress sends notification to with bunch of BCCs, that will be blocked everywhere, and I thought I needed async plugin to remedy issue, no?

    I have something new here. When I disabled bbPress Notify (No-Spam) 1.10, well not exactly. When I disabled bbPress Notify (No-Spam) 1.10 then enable it then disable it again yesterday, the notification did work the rest of the day. I went to bed in peace. Then this morning it stopped working again.

    In my mail log, I see notification went out to subscribers upon reply. Today, the only entries I see is non-BBP notification even though I see now topic was created and replies were made. Quite frustrating 🙁

    It’s somewhere a cache issue or so !
    So for me if it worked, there might be a conflict between bbPress Notify and async. Can you try to deactivate one and then other for a longer period ?



    Hi Pascal,
    Guess what, all is working now even after I reenabled “bbPress Notify (No-Spam) 1.10”. I am stunned. What was the 4 days of agony for, I don’t know.

    Speaking of cache issue, I was wondering about that. I installed “WP Super Cache – Clear all cache” in early dev but I don’t think it has ever worked. Do you have any recommendation?

    I have one remaining issue:
    The subscriber who clicked Forum Subscribe only gets notification on new Topic creation but not Replies. Subscribers have to subscribe to each topics in order to receive notification on replies. On top of that, “bbP Manage Subscriptions” plugin only controls at the Forum level but no the Topic level.

    I need subscribers who subscribed to a Forum gets notification on all the replies within its Forum. Is this possible with some plug-in? I can’t find any.

    And then I need subscribers gets notification of Topic updates, like when announcement was updated. Is it possible?

    For caching, multiple plugins exists. See my response here for some extra info, but I’m not an expert:

    For the subscription:
    If a person is subscribed to a forum, he will get all new topics
    If you reply to a topic and tick the box at the bottom, you will get the other replies to this topic.
    But I’m not aware of a possibility to get ALL replies to the full forum with just a click …

    What I have in my bbP Toolkit plugin is the possibility to tick the box by default so that you get notified for new replies.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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