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Forum notification emails – turning off and on

  • cwhelan


    How can you modify email notification settings for a group of subscribers? We have members that run through Ontraport and PilotPress and when their membership expires they no longer have access to the member site which includes the forum. But, they continue to receive email notifications. There was an automation set up at one time to process these students who expired. But that does not seem to be working any longer and the person who set this up is no longer with the company.

    Only part of the process documented is:
    After each group of students is expired this process needs to be run manually to change the email notification settings of all members of role “Subscriber”
    WP -> Tools -> Handle Subscribers -> press button

    This may take a few minutes to run.

    Even the manual process as a student of modifying the email notifications settings is not showing up. I’m not sure why. It does when logged in under the administrator log-in. But, not as a student, so giving them instructions to modify their own settings won’t work.

    So – goal is to have a process set up to auto turn off all email notifications of students whose membership has expired. Is there a way to do this?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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