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Forum not working well with custom template

  • GTAtherton


    I have just re-installed bbPress after looking at several alternatives as although it was the first I tried it seemed to be incompatible with the custom template I am having to use.

    Link to screenshot

    I looks to me that the forum needs a wider page in order to organise its components properly as they are jumbled up. The forum does work in that I can enter text – it is just a bit of a mess. I might even suggest styling is very minimal

    I have tried making a full width page (no sidebars) and then substituting page name into ‘Forum root’ and it seemed to work BUT the forum was loaded with sidebars as before so no improvement.

    I have read of a somewhat complex solution involving child templates and monifying style sheets but that seems dreadfully long winded and prone to error for a WP non-coder such as myself.

    Is there an easier way to prevent sidebars from loading?
    Or is there a way I can generate a page eminating from a different template on which I can load bbPress? The latter might give me a nicer forum styling too.
    Is there a way to load the forum into an existing page via html/Js code for example – as an iFrame perhaps?

    Thanks for any help – if it has to be the most difficult way then please say!

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  • Robkk


    THe issue in the image is a common theme related issue. The styles for list items in your theme is affecting the list items in the bbPress forums.

    I would give you a simple CSS fix, but you need to create a forum on your site, all I see is the notice saying you do not have forums.

    If you want to create full width forums, it is pretty easy if you are familiar to editing theme templates. You just need a simple loop and the surrounding classes to style it all together. Sometimes full-width templates can be copied and renamed to create a simple bbpress.php file in your theme.

    Getting Started in Modifying the Main bbPress Template

    I say just stay away from using iframes for this simple task.

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