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Forum breadcrumbs not linking to forum index page

  • jaykaybee


    I’m new to wordpress and bbPress. I found a post that described the problem I am having, but a “keymaster” closed the thread… I don’t see how to solve this problem.

    The original thread was:

    Here is my restatement of the issue:

    I am new to WordPress and BBpress, using Astra theme. I have read some forum topics on the problem I am having, but some are now closed and did not provide answers in remedial enough fashion! (I’m not a coder.)
    Here is how I am experiencing the problem, you can follow along on the links below (I used BBP stylepack to remove the “home” link)
    1. I navigate to This presents a blank page.
    2. As suggested in a prior forum here, I set up a WordPress page called forums with a bbpress shortcode [bbp-forum-index]. Still, the URL /forums/ presents a blank page.
    3. Bizarrely (to me), I can see this forum index only if I change the URL to Forums/ with a capital F. Huh? Now this page displays a list of forums, namely one I created called “Resource Messages”. Very confused as to how the uppercase F came to display the right index. I stumbled on that accidentally.
    4. I click on “Resource Messages” This takes me to /forums/forum/resource-messages/. The URL now has a lowercase f in forums. This will be a problem in a minute!
    5. Now I click on “Resource Message 2” link and I’m taken to /forums/topic/20181219-resource-message-2/. Incidentally, I am working on an entire project to strip down the forum into a one-way bulletin board… but this post is just about the forum breadcrumbs.
    6. Now the problem arises where I click on the breadcrumb for forums, whose link is /forums/. As seen in item 1, this presents a blank page.
    Now, other posters pointed to BBP StylePack “breadcrumbs” setting. And I have tried to insert my forum page (with the shortcode [bbp-forum-index]) URL (/forums/) into their “override” box. But instead of showing the forum index, it shows a blank page.
    Help! I am so confused. I would really appreciate any tips or links to further resources, in very remedial terms.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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