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  • Hi, can anyone help?

    I screwed up my bbpress upgrade and decided to do a re-install. Instead I got the above error message in the last step. Now I can still access my forum home page (the header only) but admin log in failed and the forum is not there (error “page not found”)

    How to resolve this?

    All help is appreciated

    Thks heaps

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  • chrishajer


    You need to drop all the bbpress tables from the database and reinstall. Read from here down in this thread:

    Thks Chris.

    Just to be calrify – in myphpmyadmin I drop all bb_ tables. I don’t need to rename the table do I?

    So seems like I will lose all data in my forum. No way to save it from here?



    If this is an existing forum and you don’t want to lose everything then DON’T drop the tables. What happened on the upgrade that caused you to reinstall? Do you have a backup of the database before the upgrade?

    I messed up on my attempt to upgrade. Somehow I deleted my original config.php file.

    Yes I have a backup of my bb_ database. Thks for the help again

    quick question – After i drop all my old tables can i import my backup sql file back into the forum through myphpadmin and have everything back as before?



    Yes. After you install, you’d have empty tables, and importing the backup sql file would put all the data back in there. Just be sure you use the same version (what you have in the database backup, and what you install) so you can be sure the database schema is the same. After that you can update the software, on the restored database.

    Works like a charm! Thks!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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