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Foros Ryuuko — my bbPress installation

  • Foros Ryuuko

    I use a custom theme (heavily a modified Kakumei) and some custom plugins. The forum is new, so it doesn’t have activity, all our users are still using the Vanilla forum we had.

    I didn’t hack any core files, all “non standard things” are donde via custom plugins.

    Plugins i use:

    – My own “Ajustes” (for sidebar, footer and navigation menu content, profile content, and some html tags).

    – MD5 Insecurity (will be deactivated soon).

    – Private Messaging Extended

    – A custom Quicktags (ported from Vanilla)

    – Ajaxed Quote

    – Simple Online List (i also modified a lot this plugin, because it never worked for me ….).

    – Unread Topics. I also modified this one, it was doing too many queries. I added some indices and reduced the overhead.

    – User Photo. I ported the User Photo WP plugin.

    – Human Test.

    Also i indirectly use:

    – Gaming Codes: each user can enter his gaming codes. They’re displayed on the user profile.

    Aleph: this plugin creates user lists (among other things). So i use it inside WP like a “member list”. The beauty is that i can easily create different user lists, so i created a list for each gaming code (in other words, users can see which users have a certain gamer code).

    As i said, the theme is a heavily modified Kakumei. I replaced all topics/forum loops with my own, trying to mimick the Vanilla look. Also the css is based on the Tarski theme for WordPress. In fact, i import it directly from the WP installation.

    For the forum/topic icons, i created a custom plugin which printed the css based on the slug of each forum, and then i added the resulting code to the style.css. I still have to create a lot of icons, those are temporary.

    I hope you like my forums and if you have any questions or would like a plugin/theme release, just ask :p

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  • Now the forums have some activity, as we closed our old Vanilla forums :)



    Hi Detective,

    I have tried sending you a message using your website but I think I might have submitted a comment instead of an email in error :(

    I really like your website/forum ( It’s definitely one of the best bbpress/wordpress integrations I’ve seen, looks very professional – great job :)

    Would you be able to give us some more information on how you used the wordpress User Photo plug-in inside bbpress? I’ve tried for a while to work out how to do it with no success. If you could help it would be very much appreciated, or if anyone knows how to do this?

    I’ve done a few Google searches but there isn’t any information on how to integrate the User Photo plug-in into bbpress.




    I will release everything: the template (though it needs customization because it’s pretty ugly without it), all the plugins i use (except the specific settings for Ryuuko), including the User Photo modification.

    I would have released all of them this weekend, but my laptop died :( Fortunately, i didn’t lost any data :)



    Thanks Detective, good luck with your lap top – looking forward to the release.


    hi, detective..

    nice job!! i’m looking forward for the release too.

    I made a few changes in the layout. I’ll release the theme tomorrow :)

    Remember it needs some knowledge, because without customization (through plugins) it’s kind of ugly …

    I just updated this site. Now using WPMU 2.7.1, bbPress 1.0 RC3 and BuddyPress 1.0.1. I have cookie problems, but apart from that, everything works great.

    There are many things to tweak, but those are small details … – main site – forums

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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