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Force forum archives to display full-width

  • valarcher


    Hi – I’m using Astra theme with a 3-col grid layout for blog archives, see:

    But for the forum archives I need full-width, see:

    Right now I’ve fixed it by targeting the post and each forum in the css, like this:

    I’ve intentionally left the second forum (Newcomers – #bbp-forum-9473) out of the css — so you can see how it displays only in the first column – same as /category/blend above.

    Moderators need to set up forums that will display by default as full-width. They don’t have access to the css.

    Is there a higher-level I can target in the css that will automatically force ALL forums to display full-width?

    thanks for your help!

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  • wpturk


    This is related to your wordpress theme (template file). Select a full-width theme template file in your forum settings. If you are displaying your forums via shortcode, the shorcode can be placed on full-width page.



    but problem is not with forums – they display full-width – it’s with forum index/archives. Problem is the forum index is treated as blog archives. I need 3-col blog archives for the rest of my site and 1-col for forum archives.
    I tried entering the shortcode [bbp-forum-index] on the /members page — which is set to full-width in css as above — but that doesn’t solve the problem of the index of forums displaying only in col 1 of the 3-col grid I’m using for blog archives. To get them to display full-width I have to target each individually in the index, e.g. #bbp-forum-9475.
    I know the quick but ugly fix is to set all my blog archives to 1-col (that is, full width) but I’m looking for the beautiful fix of setting only my forum archives to 1-col. Is there any way to do this?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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