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First forum post no longer visible to level 1 & 2 s2Members (forum Participants)

  • redkite


    This happened in the last couple of weeks – level 1 and level 2 s2members can no longer see the original post in a bbPress forum topic, but they can see the replies. These level 1 and 2 members are Participants in the forums and can create their own topics, but now can’t see their own posts.

    Admins and level 3/4 members can see both the original topic and the replies.

    The forum posts are restricted to level 1 or higher.

    I found this (unresolved) thread on bbPress forums that describes exactly what’s happening here:

    first entry missing on single topic page // visible only for admin

    I’m on bbPress 2.5.3 and s2Member Pro v140105.

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  • Robin W


    If you have s2member pro, then you need to raise this with them, as it will almost certainly be an issue with their plugin, or that requires their expertise to resolve

    You paid for support with their plugin when you bought it.

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