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Feature request – Featured topics

  • Venutius


    I would like to have the ability to “pull out” featured topics and have them appear at the top of the forum, so that the admin can choose to highlight particular topics to the readership.

    The idea is that they would appear at the top of the forum list and have a strapline of “Featured”.

    An additional option would be the ability to have the featured topic summary emailed to everyone that is not already subscribed to that forum. Perhaps with an unsubscribe button for those that do not want to hear about featured topics.

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  • Robkk


    You are able to sticky topics making the sticky topics have its own space is possible I think, I might have to do some testing to make sure.

    THe second one might be a little tricky to do. It might require autosubscribing to that one topic after registration, or just include the topics summary and a link to it after a user has registered to a site.



    I just think that it would be really cool to have an admin button “Set as Featured” and for that to put it to the top of the forum for a set number of days, email all members notice of the topic and add a “Featured” label to the topic.

    All in one simple click of the mouse.



    Links in Email Notifications

    Hello, maybe this is already possible but I can’t find any information about it – how can I embed links in the notification email to subscribers to a topic? Even if I code in links using HTML they seem to be stripped out in the resulting email message.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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