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Feasibility questions

  • severalfeet


    Hi all, hope you’re doing well – this isn’t a request for help but more some clarity on some questions I have.

    I have a website designed entirely with Oxygen builder. I want to create a new page, something like which would be the homepage for the forum – will not be part of the forum and will be considered a different silo.

    I’m thinking of making something similar to Hearthpwn’s deck builder to query Hearthstone’s card API and was wondering how feasible this is. Does bbPress have that degree of customization?

    Also, I’d really like users to be able to sign up for users which aren’t attached to WordPress – is there a way to do that with bbPress? So instead of using WordPress account manager, I can have control of it or another plugin maybe?

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  • Robin W


    so to answer (or not!) your questions

    by default the forum page is /forums you can amend this by changing the slug in dashboard>settings>forums or by using a page with a shortcode – see

    Step by step guide to setting up a bbPress forum – Part 1

    No idea what ‘ Hearthpwn’s deck builder to query Hearthstone’s card API ‘ means so cannot answer, but in terms of customization, then try this additional plugin, which has a ton of customizations in it.

    bbp style pack

    bbpress just uses the WordPress user account, and there is no way to detach this. But bbpress has a whole set of roles of it’s own, so if you set the user WordPress role to ‘no role for this site’, you pretty much achieve the same thing.

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