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Facebook Connect Help

  • Howdy. I’m hearing that people have managed to get Facebook Connect to work as an option for users on bbpress… so, I followed these instrucions:

    Solution for facebook connect

    And it’s the last part that’s confusing me.

    “Integrade a fb-connect button on your bbpress site”

    What does that mean? What does the code look like and where should it go?


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  • I think Dailytalker was using deep integration, which loads the whole of WordPress on bbPress page loads so that you can call functions on the WordPress side from bbPress itself. Thus making virtually every WP plugin to work inside bbPress

    Right… so how do I know if my set up is “deep integration” or not? And if it’s not, then there’s no way to use FB Connect?

    You do deep integration by adding a line in bb-config.php to load wp-load.php or wp-blog-header.php. You can check your config file to see and if you are the one who setup everything, then most probably you don’t have deep integrated setups.

    That said, deep integration just makes the work easier. FB connect without it is also possible but it will require someone to code that up.

    thanks! so.. what’s the line look like? Someone else set this up, so I can check, but don’t know what i’m looking for

    You will find it all here along with some more info regarding deep integration –

    okay great, thanks man.

    So, I added this code to the bb-config.php file from your page here:

    Deep integration of bbPress with WordPress

    I did, however, already have the following added:


    does the latter mean I was already in “deep integration” ?

    Either way, I don’t see any differences at all now as opposed to before. What does it mean to “integrate a FB button” … is there some code lying around that I can just stick into the templates?


    yes you already have deep integration.

    now just in bbPress you can call the function of any WordPress plugin, in your case, the FB connect function.

    WP –

    activate -> configure

    in bbPress, edit the theme file where you want it by this ->

    if ( function_exists('jfb_output_facebook_btn') )

    This should work

    Okay, excellent, I’ll try that tonight. So… should I get rid of those lines that I added? I don’t want to have a lot of extra code in there if I don’t need it.


    okay … thanks for all the help! So, I did that. I added the facebook code exactly as you suggested to “login-form.php”

    and nothing shows up at all… what’s supposed to happen? What could I be missing?

    your forum URL ?

    Try uploading a file named fbtest.php with the following content in the folder where your WordPress resides.

    /* You can delete this file safely.
    It was just to check if its conflicting with other WP stuff - Ashfame */
    require 'wp-load.php';

    if ( function_exists('jfb_output_facebook_btn') )


    This should bring up the FB button if everything is fine at WP side.

    Then its not working at WP side. Fix that first.

    Activate the plugin, configure it. you will need a facebook secret key (also require you to create a facebook app)

    I think you are missing that part.

    okay right, thanks!

    Looks like I had a different FB connect plugin running (JAvier Reyes’)

    I installed the Adam Hupp one called WP-FacebookConnect and activated it with API/Secret in place. Still no luck on that page:

    One idea – I have Disqus running on the main blog for comments. It seems to override the facebook connection there. Could it be screwing it up elsewhere too?

    alright, side question. It looks like this Adam Hupp plugin puts a totally annoying popup thing in the upper right corner of all pages.

    1) Is there any way to get rid of that, because I really don’t want that getting in the way of the site.

    2) THe popup is not appearing on the forum pages, ONLY on the blog pages, so maybe that’s a sign of something wrong?

    I turned off the Facebook plugin for now because that popup was too annoying and people were starting to complain.

    By the way man, thanks for the help. If I can throw you a few bucks for the trouble let me know!

    I can’t say what may be causing the conflict as I am not a JS expert.

    Regarding your another question you can do that, will require some editing in the plugin file and scold him not to do that ;)

    And I am not sure what’s going on where without myself taking a look.

    And if you would like to donate, then you can do so at the footer of my blog –

    Also let me know if you would like to hire me for doing work on your projects :)

    thanks man, I just sent you a message on your website

Viewing 19 replies - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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