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Solution for facebook connect

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    I found a way to use facebook-connect for bbpress.


    install the “bbpress Integration” plugin for wordpress


    integrate bbpress to wordpress


    install “Facebook Connect” Plugin of Adam Hupp (the current version is 1.0) and follow the instructions


    Integrade a fb-connect button on your bbpress site (in wordpress its done automatically)

    Thats it. I only found some minor problems with umlauts like “ä ö ü” but this shouldn’t be a problem for native English speakers…its only a problem for all others (including me) .

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  • Woah. This really works? By “integrate a fb-connect button on your bbpress site” what do you really mean? Just stick it in the template someplace? What if I’m already logged in from elsewhere? Will it keep my login?

    Has anyone tried to get disqus to work with something like this? That would be an interesting integration!


    Really looking for 3rd party login and registration solutions.

    Semi-off-topic: but it was just revealed that 89% of the people that register for ladygaga’s site use a 3rd party logon. True, they have no taste…but it’s a reality of how people move around the web these days.

    So.. i guess this is a bump. How do i do the last step? “integrate a facebook connect button”? What’s the code for that? Do I just slap it onto my bbpress template?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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