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Embedding individual topics in various parts of a web site

  • Hello! Have been looking things over here and I’m wondering if this is the solution to my problems. :) I’m working on a web site with the following requirements:

    1. Admins, and only admins, start new topics.

    2. One topic, and one topic only, needs to be embedded in a web page. Each of the similar web pages will have a different topic.

    3. Users can add their comments to a given topic (once they register.)

    Can / how can this be done with bbPress? If not, do you have any suggestions about other software that can do this?

    Thanks so much.

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  • Andre


    You just need WordPress to do that. Create a new page for each topic and turn comments on. Just make sure only registered members can comment.

    Thanks, Andre. I can see how this can work pretty well with regard to the administration of the topics, etc. What about embedding an individual topic in a web page, that has other content? Here’s an example. The idea is that the specific topic will go under the “discussion” tab. Thanks again.



    That would probably require bbPress 2.0. You could insert a topic specific short code into the discussion tab. You’d also have a separate area that has all of the forum content, but you wouldn’t have to put a visible link to the forum anyplace.

    [bbp-single-topic id=$topic_id] – Show a single topic

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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