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Emails being sent to for subscription emails

  • rossagrant


    Hi guys,

    I’m not sure exactly why this is happening, but I’m guessing it’s due to the way subscription emails are sent out and the no-reply address grabbing the site info incorrectly.

    Am I right in assuming that when there are subscriptions to a forum/ topic, they now get sent out as one email with everyone Bcc’d?

    Anyway, when someone posts a new topic on my site – and I guess there are subscribers – I say guess, as I don’t think there is a way of us seeing subscriber numbers – an email must get generated to notify them.

    Well I’ve been getting non-deliverable emails back at me saying that one of these emails was sent to and that the address doesn’t exist.

    Well with the www. in there it won’t exist.

    Why would BBPress be trying to send an email to a noreply address in the first place?

    Could someone explain – it’s probably obvious, so sorry in advance!

    Thanks so much for your time!

    Ross 🙂

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  • For Games


    Hello, everybody, this is my resolution:
    first, i have my own plugin, named ‘sc64’. then add these php code to my plugin.

    function scap_bbp_no_reply_email(){
    	$admin_email = get_option('admin_email');
        return $admin_email;

    the default noreply email address has changed to admin_email that configured in wordpress.

    i hope this helps.



    I’m having this same problem. I’m using the plugin WP SMTP, I wonder if that’s it.



    I have the same problem. Any solution to this?

    OK guys, probably not really relevant now, but I experience the same issue and found this thread.

    Here is solution I use:

    add_filter( 'wp_mail', function( $args = array() ) {
    	 * If WordPress wants to send an email to bbp_get_do_not_reply_address() we check
    	 * if $search_header is set. If it is, we take its value (email address) and set
    	 * it as "to" address. Also we unset the $search_header.
    	$search_header = 'Bcc:';
    	if ( bbp_get_do_not_reply_address() === $args['to'] && is_array( $args['headers'] ) ) {
    		foreach ( $args['headers'] as $key => $header ) {
    			if ( false !== stripos( $header, $search_header ) ) {
    				$args['to'] = trim( str_replace( $search_header, '', $header ) );
    				unset( $args['headers'][ $key ] );
    	return $args;
    } );



    @lemmonaid you’re a lifesaver! Thank you very much for sharing.

Viewing 5 replies - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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