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Email notifications not working; looking for help

  • mostlyjan


    I am going crazy and would love to get help here or hire someone. Am using bbPress but no emails are being sent to users.

    We are hosted on MediaTemple’s Gridservice.
    We use theme AVADA
    We created a forum in Admin and another using the frontend (read somewhere this may matter).
    Added all our users via Admin: 73 Participants, 3 Moderators, 2 Keymasters
    We tried the BBpress Digest Plugin but it never worked. Developer seems to be MIA.
    We tried BBpress Email notifications but that did not work either.
    We added the SMTP plugin; the “test emails” using it arrive fine but again, no subscription emails are ever sent.
    WordPress admin emails DO work fine (eg ‘pswd changed for user XYZ’).
    Activated Plugins:

    • bbPress,
    • GD bbPress Attachments
    • bbPress auto subscribe for new topics and replies,
    • Black Studio TinyMCE
    • Custom Login
    • Simple Members only
    • WP-Mail-SMTP
    • Fusion Core (Avada theme)

    We have a single Forum. At the top of that forum, there is no subscription/favorite link either.

    this very well may be the host but i am not 100% sure of that as the other emails work.

    i would happily pay someone to figure this out. i have spent hours and hours on this and am ready to look for alternatives. But unfortunately i have topics and 73 users…

    thanks to anyone who can give me new things to try. I am losing it here. And as said, i am all open to hiring someone; not sure what the policies are to that effect on this site…

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  • skylarmb


    After some investigation, it appears my mailing provider (SendGrid) warns against using “” as the sending email for many reasons and will drop your email if you do so. Apparently I missed this important point while setting up the service. I looked though the logs and found a bunch of these:


    No wonder no one was getting their notifications!

    Temporary fix (Warning! Hacking core files is bad, this is only for the desperate, like me, and will break as soon as you update the plugin):

    “noreply@…” This is the default that bbPress uses to send its notifications from. I simply created a new email for the forums, “” and set that as the “noreply” email address in bbpress/includes/common/functions.php on lines 1065 and 1205. everything is working fine now. I realize this might not be the solution for everyone as other people in this thread might not be having the same issues as me, and it is certainly not a permanent fix, but at least next week or so the users on my site will be receiving their emails while I investigate this further.




    I have the same problem, no email sent to the forum follower … can you help me?
    wordpress 4.1.1 and 2.5.5 bbPress





    It could be a plugin issue


    Deactivate all but bbpress and see if this fixes. if it does, re-enable one at a time to see which is causing the error.

    you can also see if your theme is causing the issue but its probably more of a plugin issue..


    If plugins don’t pinpoint the problem, as a test switch to a default theme such as twentytwelve, and see if this fixes.



    I just wanted to shed some light regarding this issue…

    1. Contact Robin. He will set you strait.


    2. Discovered that our local host had set a limit on the volume of email sends. We were at 200 emails per hour. Or web host company increased it to 600 emails per hour. Email notifications started to flow. However this was a temporary solution. He recommended to look at a replay server solution such as We signed up for a pro plan and we are now back at 100%. All users are receiving the email notifications.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.



    Same issue no notifications coming through for any emails or new topics. Not sure why I need to go to someone other than the creators bbpress, so hopefully bbpress will give me the solution rather than referring me to someone else as I’ve seen has happened on numerous requests above. Just need a quick turn around on this or its time to leave review and get new plugin 🙂




    As the user above states some hosts have a limit of emails that are able to be sent out.

    Install this plugin to fix possibly part of the issue. The code used in the plugin will probably be used in a future version of bbPress.

    You may need to also look into asking your server support to increase the email limit if your emails sent grow significantly or use a service like sendgrid or mandrill.






    How to Install this plugin to my “luyen thi toeic” website???
    Can you help me?

    Thank all



    Pascal Casier, thanks you



    Worked for me too! Thanks!!

Viewing 11 replies - 26 through 36 (of 36 total)
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