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email notification to second admin

  • batmanfan


    It seems I could only add one email account e.g admin for any email notification e.g. new user registration. Is it possible to have an email notification sent to another admin or moderator?

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  • tharsheblows


    There’s probably a plugin for it but I would cheat and make an email address that forwarded to all of the email addresses I wanted. I’ve had a couple of email customisation plugins fail over various updates, so I don’t have any to recommend!

    Otherwise, the new user notification emails are pluggable functions which means that you need to override them in a plugin. The function in question starts at line 1569 here:

    Don’t edit that code – it will get overwritten in a future update – that’s just the function that you would use to make your own plugin (or what any plugin that does it will use).

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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