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Email blocks – response from my ISP

  • I was reading a thread yesterday about bbPress registration emails not reaching new members. I can’t find it now, but there were comments in the thread about ISPs having limits, and maybe even auto-banning you from shared server space as a spammer. In case it’s of use to anyone, I emailed my UK hoster, kNet Hosting, and got this reply today;

    Hi Michael,

    We have a sending limit of 1000 mails per hour for SMTP mail from your account.

    Sending mails from scripts e.g., a forum is not included in this so there are no limits. Obviously the higher rate that you send them could mean they are more likely to be flagged as spam by the major ISP’s.

    Let me know if I can assist with this further.


    On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 10:02 AM, Michael wrote:


    I’ve been reading on a forum that sending emails to groups of people via your server space can trigger alerts, get you banned from major players like Google and others, and even banned from your hoster. I don’t have many forum members at present, but if I got say, a few hundred, and sent everyone an email would it cause problems?

    Essentially, I guess my question is what limits are there for this on shared hosting?



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  • I ‘resell’ space to a friend with an InvisionBoard setup, and that site spits out a lot of ‘bounced’ emails from spammers registering. I send out 1000s of emails from my domains a day. The ONLY time I had any issues was Yahoo being a bint about me sending emails to non-existent accounts. They realized the problem and apologized.

    A ‘normal’ board has little to worry about. You have to work hard to get blacklisted :) Or be spoofed enough.

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