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Dutch translation

  • I’am currently working on a Dutch translation file for bbPress, zo maybe today, otherwise today it will be come available ;-)

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  • _ck_


    I see that you completed this, did you want to share the file?

    There are about two dozen other Dutch bbPress sites but it looks like they hard-coded their template translations which is a shame.

    No, i dont release the file ;)

    And during the lack of good theme’s available, i’am planning to uninstall bbPress ;-)



    At the risk or hijacking this thread, given how quickly topics get pushed down the front page, i really wanted to post this link:

    Overwriting Template functions

    And Bruinfelix, i’d like to urge you to release the language pack to the community even if you are leaving BBpress. Many Thanks. Kev


    For a answer on youre question, see above ;)



    bruinfelix, your bbpress install looks very good and matches your wordpress side – I don’t understand why you don’t like the theme, it works well.

    It would be nice if you released the .mo file – all the other bbPress installs that I can find in your country have “hard coded” their templates directly with the translations which is not good.

    You’d be helping many other people and giving back to the community. I noticed you are using several of my plugins so it’s good to give back. The more people use bbPress, the more people will convert other WordPress themes.

    that is a pretty unfair way of treating a community bruinfelix…

    hope you are happy with your PhBB forum or something now…

    I have translated bbPress to Dutch this weekend. Here’s a preview:

    Drop me a line if you want it too.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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