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Diverse pages, some without notices like "no topics" ?

  • boblebad



    I’m at the part of my coming website, where i need to fit bbPress layout to my needs.

    It’s a dating/friending site where i use Sweet Date theme, which uses Buddypress for members and bbPress for forums.

    As per default bbPress posts status’s at the top and bottom of every forum. I have some forums that only serves as main forum for sub-forums, and therefore in these i don’t want/need the notifications, that there no forums/topics in this forum.

    How is this done the right way, and if, what files do i need to copy and edit to make it work ?

    It would also be nice if members could comment on a post, but not create new topics.

    I tried using the page.php template, but it uses different styling, so the text is another font and weight, i need the bbPress layout 🙂

    EDIT: Forgot that i need to be able to have right sidebar on the pages as well.

    All the best

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Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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