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display_name – a column for the future?

  • in bb_users there’s a column called display_name. I think that most will want to use it since otherwise they’ll have a display name = user logon = one-word-name.

    so, basically is it worth the effort that I write code for that one myself or is this a soon to come thing from you guys?

    This question could also have been about the column user_nicename I think. None of them are used as far as I can see, or am I missing something?

    Anyways, thanks for this forum code, it’s really simple and really good.

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  • AphelionZ


    the one-word-login thing is inferior to wordpress’ login, which allows spaces in usernames. This will become problematic to people who are integrating with WP.

    I agree though, that row should be added to the table.

    actually, the display_name and user_nicename columns already exist in the bb_users table in bbpress.

    So my question is still, how come they are not used? Is there a plan for using them later and have they been added already for future use in accordance with what I wrote in my first post above?

    Thanks for any info on this.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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