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Delete User Keep Forum Posts

  • catjarrett


    I’ve searched the support forums but haven’t been able to find a real answer for this. I’ve inherited a private site that I am completely tearing down and rebuilding, including removing all the users who may or may not be returning. We are using bbPress for our forums, and all the data on the forums is important. I desperately need to keep all posts that are currently there.

    Now, I keep seeing that if I go to “remove user” I will get an option to change the attributing author of blog and forum posts to another account, but I am not getting that option even for those with forum content. The only option I am having is to remove.

    Is there any way, any plugin, that I can use to change the forum authors (no one has any blog posts on this site except admins), or any other method I can use to retain those forum posts?

    I am unable to move forward with the site build until I can figure this out. Thank you for all your help!

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