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Deep integration (old bbpress) and empty wp_head

  • januzi



    The problem is that there is no way to upgrade to the new version of the bbPress, so it has to work as it is. Every file in the bb template have got get_header(); and there is include wp-load.php in the bb-config.php. Title is fine, but there is no output from the wp_head(). I found that I should replace wp-load with the wp-blog-header. I did that, but wp_head() is still empty. Somebody mentioned that get_header() should be in bb-config.php. I put it in there and it works. Kind of. The function wp_head() finally echoes everything, but the title is empty. No wonder, there are no bb_ and is_ functions that would do something. So, is there a way to get wp_head working the right way?

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  • I have hardly dug into bbPress 1.x and am not familiar with the code base at all.

    How about grab the latest bbPress v1.2 and create a test/demo site on your local PC with a backup your database, things should theoretically work though you ‘d have to make sure the database upgrade routine was triggered of course.

    That should then give you a working version with your database to then start comparing the base code of your test site vs your live site.

    That said, what is stopping you from upgrading? I am presuming here that there is something stopping you from installing WordPress and upgrading bbPress 1.x to the v2.x plugin?



    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    Several people made changes to the templates (maybe core files, can’t tell) and there are few websites that are working directly on the bb tables. The problem is that upgrade would demand much more work than uploading new files and running upgrade.php. The owner of those websites wouldn’t be pleased with the downtime of some sort.

    Well, one of way of dealing with this problem, that I think of, is to list all included files and backtrace all of the executed functions. Maybe that way I could find missing item.

    Pretty much, either way it will be time consuming and hopefully sooner rather than later you find the root of the issue 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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